Welcome to the Engineering Leadership Institute

The Engineering Leadership Institute (ELI) was created by Engineers like you to teach a balance of technical and soft skills to optimize utilization and boost profitability. We’re seasoned professionals whose experience spans owning and operating a successful civil engineering and land planning firm to providing strategic leadership to executive teams and entire divisions for engineering firms large and small. But here’s what sets us apart, we discovered that to create stakeholders, engage employees, and significantly improve profitability, engineering organizations need the Success Enabling Skills™ that improve communication, focus energy, increase collaboration and foster the personal agility and resilience that unleashes the passion Engineers have for productivity. In all our work, from one-on-one coaching to comprehensive high-performance plans for entire organizations, we teach the essential balance of soft and technical skills to engage and retain your workforce and accelerate your company success.

Services Provided

  • Cultural Assessments
  • Strategic Planning
  • Skills Assessments and Gaps Analysis
  • Quantitative and Qualitative Metrics & Assessments
    • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)
    • Key Behavioral Indicators (KBI’s)
  • Leadership Training
  • Leadership Transition and Succession Planning
  • Operational Baselines
  • Leadership Team Facilitation and Training
  • Cultural Foundation Building
  • Origination of Business Systems and Processes
  • Systems Implementation, Quantification, and Innovation
  • Custom Designed In-house Trainings
  • Consultants in all Eleven Domains of Engineering Operations

The Organization High-Performance Plan

A holistic approach that integrates the services listed above to significantly improve utilization and efficiency, reduce labor costs and overhead, increase average revenue per employee, and boost operational profits. ELI works with organizations to build collaborative solutions from the inside out, based upon the knowledge and desires drawn from the organization itself. Internal stakeholders emerge during this participative process who lead and facilitate continuous incremental improvement over time, resulting in extraordinary employee engagement, operational improvement, and profits.


This is a class that every engineer should take if he/she wants to take the next step in their career. I really appreciated Randy's engineering and humanistic background, it added a lot to the class. Randy's energy and enthusiasm made the class a lot of fun.

Jonathan Dupea
Operations Engineer
Pocket NC

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ELI News

Upcoming Events

  • Increase Sales Through Strategic Planning at the Montana Joint Engineers Conference in Helena Montana - November 2020. For more information visit our Upcoming Events Page